A lover spurned.

Here I am and there she is. She is interesting, enchanting and someone worth pining for. She has an aura, grandeur, and challenge all written over her face. She is worth pursing.

So the dance begins. I woo her, send her some messages, and try to meet her ‘accidentally’ here and there. Send her my twitter messages, send her a Facebook friend request and even before she responds, start following her on social media. I like her posts, try to make witty comments, try dollops of humor and drop hints such that we can meet again.

She adds me to her friend list, at last! She sends me an invitation to meet and then we meet again. And again. And again.

Then she asks me for a proposal, saying maybe this can work out, maybe we can make this work.

I prepare a proposal, taking care not to leave anything out, spend hours thinking what she would like and what she would hate, deep researching her tastes, her past, her habits, her friends, how I could make her look good for others and what not.

And then we meet again, this time proposal in hand. She says let me have a look and give me some time.

And here I am, wringing my hands, pulling out my hair, waiting, oh that agonizing wait! Hours turn to days and days turn to weeks, there is no reply.

I send gentle reminders, over instant messengers, Facebook, email, I try everything but there is just no reply. Have I been dumped? I don’t know. What went wrong? I don’t know? What did I say wrong? I don’t know. What was wrong in the proposal, the design? I don’t know. Was there someone else, better? I don’t know.

And she won’t tell too. A lover spurned.

Sounds familiar?

When clients reject our pitch for their business, we feel the same way. They won’t tell and unless they tell we won’t come to know.

So when you reject our pitch, please don’t be diplomatic and stop your communication, please tell us as it is. Tell us that we did not understand your brief at all, tell us that our design is all screwed up and mundane (we will appreciate your honest feedback), tell us we are way above the market price, tell us that you have no confidence in us, tell us that you found our proposal unrealistic. Tell us something!

Please remedy this or else we might die of not knowing!