Coming or Going

Many organizers have dipped their toes in Africa’s water, the majority taking them back again until the conditions improve. EW speaks to one of the more successful players.

A continent currently afflicted by civil war, disease outbreak, terrorism and goo7765Damiond old-fashioned piracy, the business of exhibitions in some parts of Africa requires a great deal more than contacts and square meters.

Montgomery has been active in Africa since 1967, almost 50 years. It has a mature business there with brands spanning six core sectors: mining, building & construction, food & hospitality, packaging and printing, marketing and security. The organiser’s business is based in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region and from South Africa it has gone to Botswana, up to Zambia in a joint venture with fellow UK organiser Clarion’s local business Spintelligent and onto markets beyond.

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