Get Social or Get Forgotten

Why Digital Media is the Future of Business

Recently, BlueHive soft-launched a media management division, in doing so completing the circle to become a one-touch branding firm never seen before in the industry. This revolutionary step in the world of tradeshow construction and marketing has cast the playing field wide open, allowing BlueHive to offer their clients another channel of brand promotion. The company’s director of media and public relations, Amadeus Finlay, explains the catalyst behind the new division, social media, as well as the reason why the current generation of young professionals are driving the change.

There is no question about it; Millennials are taking over, and their ways are here to stay. Currently comprising of a third of the world’s population, by 2025 this group of highly social individuals will account for 75 percent of the work force, and with that prediction come the ideas of a new generation.

Of course, it’s all been done before; the Baby Boomers taught us the ways of rebellion, while the Silent Generation flirted with Elvis and the beauty of the American Dream. But in Millennials we see something unique. While generations past enjoyed the ability to disconnect, the world we currently inhabit has broken down all the boundaries of conversation, learning and, perhaps most significantly, business.  At the heart of this change is technology, and one of the biggest drivers behind it all is the world’s biggest civic occasion; social media.

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