Negotiation 101: How to Sell Design Ideas to Skeptical Clients

Photo: Kelvin Murray/Getty Images
Photo: Kelvin Murray/Getty Images


Negotiation 101: How To Sell Design Ideas To Skeptical Clients

You know that nervous feeling you get when you recommend something to clients?

It’s because you know they’re going to wonder why, and you’re going to have to spit out some sort of explanation. And you’re going to stutter through it with meaningless phrases: “That’s how it’s usually done.” “I think this is the way to go.”

Instead, enter the discussion with a solid argument in your back pocket. To truly convince a client, nothing beats a lucid, coherent argument based on evidence. You may be a designer, but when it comes to pitching an idea, you have to act like sales rep. Here are five techniques for making the sale.

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