What is Customer Success?


Every business exists because it solves a problem. When a new business entity comes into existence it starts off as an idea or an effort to solve an existing problem in a better way.

And because it solves a problem in a better way, it adds value to the system.

And because it adds value to the system, it needs to reach out to as many people in the system as possible, a need to grow, reach out. Somewhere down the line, the organization falls so much in love with the solution that they offer, that the organization starts selling the same solution to everyone in the system. This leads to a standard package and a moribund sales kind of approach to a problem.

This is where the trap lies. A one-solution-fits-all approach of an organization often leads to friction between the would be buyers of the solution and the sellers of the solution. The buyers recognize that the standard solution may not fit their requirements. The sellers are more keen to sell their solution ‘as-is’ because it saves them time and money. Thus sellers often work for the buyers without really going deep into the needs of the organization.

At Roots Global, we believe that this one-solution-fits-all is a wrong approach to take. We believe that every problem is unique, every industry is unique, every organization is unique and while every organization wants to succeed, the people helping them succeed fail to provide solutions that they are looking for.

We believe that only by deep understanding of our clients, their products and services and by interacting with them will help us understand what they really require. We believe that for our clients to be satisfied with the solutions that we provide they have to touch new peaks of success.

Thus, we do not work for our clients, we work with them.

And we seek our own success in their success. This is what we believe will create a win-win for everyone. This is why we have a whole department that we call the customer success department.

Everyone, in this customer success department of ours and in fact the entire organization, is actively engaged in understanding our clients and providing a unique solution to their problems, solutions that lead to their success, our success.